Principal's Message

 If you believe in yourself and have the courage, dedication and competitive drive than you find this College for you a right place to form your personality. This College  aims at optimum development of the potential of prospective teachers in their uniqueness through investigated physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and cultural growth. The main objective of the Institute is to producing the excellent and committed teachers to the Nation. We are committed to work for producing the intellectual, well-formed, morally upright, socially concerned, creative, innovative, punctual teachers with scientific temperament for Nation.

To accomplish these special efforts main focus of our college is to equip the prospective teachers with all the necessary and update information, skills, methods and techniques that teacher needs in the classroom, as well helping them to understand the needs of their future students. For this, special emphasis has been laid upon practical training along with theory. In the applied training, focus is on developing consciousness towards value inculcation and moral education. The College has taken the responsibility of preparing technically sound teachers in the age of globalization. Thus, the knowledge related to information technology, technical skills, and global outlook is imparted alongside the regular academic curriculum. Our teachers training programme offers the most up-date, thorough and comprehensive training programme available at National and International arena.

Dr.Rashi Mathur


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