First Extension Lecture-29.11.13
On 29.11.2013, an extension lecture organized in A. T .T C. The topic was “Tools and Techniques of Motivation”. Key note speaker was Mrs. Nirupama Sharma, Asst. Professor, RMV TT College, in side SurajPol. Mrs. Sharma stated that Motivation is the most powerful tool for a teacher, every teacher should use this to improve the achievement of his/her students. Mrs. Sharma gave the definition of Motivation and indicate the benefits of motivation she told the motivation is basically 2 types Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. A teacher should always remember that the students will imitate him/her and he/she has to personify an example of an ideal personality. According to Mrs. sharma Motivation is a golden way to simplify the learning of children. She gave a few points as tools of motivation which are as follows:- She indicates the need of Psychological Environment for the teachers. Although the teachers are focusing on physical Environment but they should be attentive on psychological Environment as well.
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