Second Extension Lecture “Role of Music in Education”

The Second Extension on Importance of Music in Education was held on 15thMarch 2016 in Aishwarya Teachers Training College. The Keynote Speaker was Mr.Deepak Joshi ( Ex.Regional Coordinator,Centre for Cultural and Resource Training  CCRT),Udaipur. The topic of the lecture was “Role of Music in Education.” He explained that music is part of life. All types of music is in seven voices which is called Sawar, thesawar haslow and high pitches. For a teacher who teaches in classrooms they should know the rhythm, pitch, voice modulation while teaching their topics. The role of music is very sound while teaching as it creates curiosity among the students. In the end Dr.Q.A. Bohra also emphasized on the role of music ion education. The anchoring was conducted by Vinod Kumar Patidar and vote of thanks was given by Mr.Ajay Kumar, B.Ed (President).

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