2nd Workshop on Art and Drama 11, 12, 14th March 2016

The Second Phase of Workshop on Art and Drama was organized in Aishwarya Teachers Training College from 11th March to 14 March 2016.

 11.3.16: Visual Art: On first day the syllabus of Course VII Art and Drama was discussed by Dr. Q.A. Bohra. In which he explained that Visual Art is an art which is experienced by eyes and said that Art is skillfully arrangement which is expressed by language, Signs, Symbols. He also explained Hue- Purity of colour,Value-Hue’s lightness and darkness and Intensity-Quality of brightness and purity. The primary and secondary colours were also discussed.

12.3.16 Practical Work: On 12th March.2016, the student teachers practically did the practice of Visual art by using pencils, colours. The student teachers drew lines, strokes, colours, shades, tones, textures etc. by rendering through pencil,charcoal, crayon and pastel, pen and ink, water, poster and acrylic colours. The student teacher’s made beautiful drawing and sketching.

14.3.16 Drama: Creative Drama On 14th March 2016 , third day of  Workshop Creative Drama was discussed. The terms used in Drama were explained by Dr. Q.A. Bohra like Movement (Gati), Gestures(Mudra), Mime (Mukabhinaya), Mono-acting, Improvisation, Acting (Abhinaya) : (Angika, VachikaAharya and Satwika Abhinaya), Emotions (Bhava), Dialogue (samvad), Play (Nataka), One-act play (Ekanki).The student gave demonstration by Monoacting,Mime, Improvisation.Deepika Dave, Ajay Kumar,Sandeep,Suresh Meghwal presentation were appreciated. In the last a skit was prepared by the selected student teachers and enacted also.

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