Environment Education Cell

Terms of reference:

To prepare the Environment Policy of the college, prepare plan and implement environment related activities.


To plan and implement environment related activities.

Nature:  Academic

The functions of the cell:

The College has committed to work to save the environment and our earth by practicing the conservation measures. It is expected from each one on the campus that they will follow the policy guidelines.

1. Every student will study a course or few topics on environment, either part of the curriculum or learning beyond the syllabus.

2. The natural sunlight will be used in the class rooms.

3. While leaving the room all the lights, fan and other electrical gadgets will be turned off.

4. The practice of conserving water will be followed in the college and at home.

5. All the fittings will be of high power saving rating to save energy, including LED, CFL wherever possible and no lights will be switched on during day.

6. The computers, printers and other electrical equipment will be switched off, when not in use.

7. Every one shall follow green energy policy maintaining neatness on the campus.

8. The maximum use of ICT including Smart Campus shall be promoted and no print of any document will be taken, if not required.

9. The exercise books, examination answer books and other papers will be fully used without any wastage.

10. The college has installed a rain water harvesting system leading to the recharging of ground water.

11. The transport facilities will be used by pooling and optimizing the activities.

12. Everyone will associate in planting trees off campus in association with the Rotary Club.

13. The wastes including e-wastes, on the campus, will be disposed off at marked places.

In-Charge :  Mrs. Rashi Mathur

Cell Committee

1. Govind Kumar Parmar 

2.Kesar Singh Chouhan 

3. Harish Patel 

4.Vinod Kumar Meena

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